It’s Great to Be Orange

The “True Colors” activity was really interesting. I did a similar activity during the 80’s while in the management training program at Marshall Field’s (my old life). My profile was completely different. I was the traditional, analytical, organized type – like a “greenish-gold” person. I was not at all the high energy, creative type. I think that my profile changed not because I’m a different person, but because my profession helped bring out other characteristics. I guess being an educator brought out my spontaneous, high energy side. I don’t think I could use the same criteria to characterize my personality many years ago.

I thought my husband was also orange. With the is high energy, rather competitive, and tends to be the “idea man” – thinking about how he motivates the rest of us. When he took the “test” he was so gold. Like me, he has a different profession within the past 10 years and that profession requires certain characteristics. Like me, the environment has shaped him to some degree.

My son Bryan is blue. He is so blue….I knew he was going to be blue when I looked at the material in class this week. When he took the “test”, he seemed to really know himself and after he read about being blue, admitted that blue is him to a tee. He is sensitive, compassionate person who is reflective and empathetic. Those are all wonderful qualities, except the sensitive part can sometimes hold him back. I was impressed by how well Bryan knew himself (he is only 16). I know a lot of grownups who couldn’t be as reflective.

I accused my husband of not taking the right answers. I still say he’s orange.

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