Virgin Mobile, Cheapskates?

This poor girl from Texas has her photo uploaded to Flickr, like millions of other teens and Virgin Mobile uses the image in their advertisements in Australia. You have to be kidding me! A billion dollar company can’t hire a model, sign a release, and go through the proper channels to create an ad the ethical way? I would have loved to been in that marketing meeting –
(marketing executive one): We’ll get a picture of a girl and under her picture we’ll put the tag line “Dump your (pen pal) free text virgin to virgin”
(marketing executive two): Great idea! Which modeling agency should I call?
(marketing executive one): Don’t bother…I’ve got some time on my hands. I’ll search through the millions of pictures of teenagers on Flickr and find the perfect girl for our campaign.

Drats! There are dozens of cute images of my daughter on Flickr. Why couldn’t those guys from Virgin found her? Then we could be embroiled in a nasty legal battle over privacy and copyright laws.

This brings a whole new dimension to educating our kids about privacy and the internet.

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