Building Personal Learning Networks – Engaging Adult Learners

This is a presentation by Vinnie Vrotny. Unlike other presentations, Vinnie tried to make it interactive by giving the group guiding questions to discuss for a few minutes to get us thinking and talking about personal learning networks. His goal was clearly to get us to network with others around us. The ICE conference is always a good way to network and I like to take advantage of the opportunity to meet other enthusiastic educators. The complete presentation can be found here.

My “Big Three”:

  • Set up a social networking or web2.0 application for parent workshops. Include videos, articles, prompt questions. Encourage engagement and for parents to be a guide and a mentor rather than a policeman.
  • Use twitter and the Ning network to extend my personal learning network
  • Facilitate personal learning networks with others in my district. I’ve discussed this possibility with a couple of staff members and was met with lukewarm response. I need to find a way to show them examples and demonstrate the value.
  • Set up a tool to develop a learning network for our chapter of ICE (ICE-COLD)

Has anyone noticed that my big three is usually more than three?

One thought on “Building Personal Learning Networks – Engaging Adult Learners

  1. Nadine,

    Thank you for getting what I intended on doing with my presentation. From my perspective, getting others to participate and network was very successful and I am glad I took the risk. It also make us change our perceptions as to what a conference session should be, moving more towards a guide on the side model. Not quite perfect, but worth the movement.

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