Where to Begin

If I could collaborate with teachers on one new project involving web 2.0 technology, I would like to use VoiceThread. Although I’ve seen plenty of examples, I have not yet tried this tool to create a project. From the looks of it, VoiceThread is a very flexible tool that has a great deal of potential. As I look through the samples, here’s a few ideas I’m thinking about.

  • Scan pictures that they have drawn and tell a story about the image
  • Take pictures with a digital camera of their environment and identify geometric shapes, draw a circle around it and describe which math vocabulary word we see
  • After doing research, use copyright free images and tell the story of a famous person
  • Draw pictures in a sequence and use images to tell a story
  • Use images created in Kidspiration or Inspiration about concept and describe
  • Take pictures of the classroom and record reflections on the year
  • Use an image of a grandparent and tell his or her story
  • Use images from parent’s life and tell stories about experiences from their childhood

The appeal of VoiceThread is that a project would have to involve visual images as well as narration. The narration would require the writing of a script or reading a written report aloud. This would be a perfect cross-curricular project that demonstrate writing, visual literacy, and creativity.

Maybe I’ll get up the nerve to try a project myself!

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