The Legacy

This morning was a little hectic in my house. My middle child was off to school to take the ACT and my youngest was off to a friend’s lake house with all 77 classmates to celebrate their graduation. When the house was quiet again, I sat down with a cup of coffee and the Today Show.

The entire show was a tribute to Tim Russert. I found their tribute informative, since I don’t know much about him, and touching. After the show was over, what resonates with me is what Mr. Russert’s friends and colleagues said about him as a father, a friend, and a co-worker. They talked about him as being a very “genuine” person who demonstrated a real concern for the people he worked with. All of his colleagues, even his competitors said that he brought out the very best in people, because of his extremely high standards. In addition, he delighted in the success of others. It mattered a great deal to him that he should live his life with integrity and character. This was a man that demonstrated a high set of ethics and showed a great deal of passion. I could tell that the guests on the show were deeply touched by this man and they eloquently described Tim as one who made a real impact on everyone he was associated with, not just as a journalist, but as a friend.

I think that hearing people talk about Mr. Russert reminds me that living a life with passion, high standards, and integrity is something that all of should aspire to do. I would want to know that the people I work with thought that I showed a real concern for others, brought out the best in people, and celebrated their successes. These are lessons that I want to teach my children…..if they would just pay attention.

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