New Cool Tool – Glogster

I wish I could remember how I came across this site this morning, because I would certainly thank the one who passed it on. The site is called Glogster. On this site you use images, text, sound, video, and other cool stuff to create a poster-type thing-a-ma-gingy that probably a really cool way to dress up your myspace page. Since I have no myspace page, but instead a couple of wikis for the teachers and students in my district to use, I created this nifty page with screeenshots of all the great beginning reading practice sites on it. Since I’m not the most creative type, I really liked creating the page since the visual elements were so flashy and easy to use. It’s also important to note that the Terms of Use seem to indicate that they are concerned with content that is suitable for audiences under 18. I looked for inappropriate content, and although I found plenty of “posters” created by teens, none of them were of any concern.

Next Glogster: Math practice sites!

For Student Projects:

Create a scrapbook page for a famous person in history!

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