Keeping up with my PLN (Plurk Learning Network)

I’m really big on bandwagons. I can’t help it. As soon as I learn about something new, I sign up for it. You might call me a digital packrat. The latest cool tool I’ve tried is Plurk. Briefly, it’s the new Twitter. I talked about Twitter in a previous post. Plurk is a 140 character micro-blogging application that allows the user to invite friends, which are people who can see the posts, as well as letting you see their posts. Plurk has a few cool features that have proven to be a richer tool for my PLN than Twitter. Plurk lets the readers of your post respond directly to the post in a drop down menu. This works really well for a PLN because conversations quickly develop and friends feel more comfortable or compelled to jump in with a comment. Coolcatteacher asked “So what are the coolest things about Plurk?” – the answers in this thread clearly explain the features of the application that make it great. Liz Davis created this video about Plurk basics early on. Here are a couple of examples of plurk conversations that happened on their own: (click on the image to see the conversation)

If you are one of my friends who I have just converted to Twitter, come over to Plurk. It’s way cooler!

7 thoughts on “Keeping up with my PLN (Plurk Learning Network)

  1. Nadine .. I am really enjoying Plurk! too. Some people feel that the messages are harder to scan than in Twitter, but in Twitter the conversational thread is quite a puzzle to piece together. At any rate, you can always take a break from the sliding timeline interface and click on the mobile view to get a twitter-like reverse chronological listing. I like the Plurk! widget too.

    And you know as well as I do, since you participated in my high drama Plurk tonight, that a conversation like that would have been very difficult to follow in twitter, especially if you jumped in after the initial thread started.

    I also like that you can bookmark or RSS each discussion for future reference.

    Thanks for plurkin’ around with me!

  2. I agree completely. The drop down menu makes plurk way better than twitter. It is also easier to catch up on new items. See you on the timeline!

  3. I do like Plurk better and in time I hope my network moves, but @chrislehmann brought up the best point. As more “Twitter-like” sites emerge, our networks will get fragmented unless we decide on one and stick with it. That is why I think people will stick with Twitter. I do like Plurk better, though, I just hope it can sustain the masses, time will tell.

  4. Thanks, Nadine, for sharing your thoughts on Plurk! I think that as I continue on with both Twitter and Plurk, I’ll begin to use both tools in different ways. Twitter seems to be good for sharing the single links and minutia of everyday life. Plurk encourages much more active participation in conversations, as we all saw with JackieB’s Plurk you mention above. Many of us began using as a tool to cross-post between the two communities, but I’ve actually found that because the two operate under such different rules that the posts I put on Plurk don’t always make sense for Twitter and vice-versa.
    I look forward to having even more conversations with you and others on Plurk!

  5. Thanks Frank, bookjewel, mccarls, and milobo for your kind responses. It’s been a couple of weeks and plurk continues to be a rich part of my professional development. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something and participate in a good conversation that helps me think and grow. It’s been great working with all of you and our other plurk friends.

  6. I know exactly what you mean about saving, responding and using new, recommended interactive web applications. Some of your comments were the same as mine.
    While I don’t use Google Reader, I did hear someone say that you can download blogs offline. That way you and read them w/o being on the internet. I use PageFlakes & Protopage.
    There is a little tool that you can use to make all your Diigo bookmarks go directly to I will still use, but Diigo has some applications that I like.
    Nadine, thanks for this thoughtful post.

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