Flowgram – Another Cool Tool

In an effort to improve ways the our students learn the concepts of information literacy, the librarians in the district are working on a curriculum map of learning goals, objectives, and activities. We started with AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner.   As we worked through the objectives, I knew that concrete examples of activities that the children would do to practice these skills would be really important. I knew I could collect a set of resources with activities, explanations of the skills, and teaching strategies. I worry a lot lately that a bunch of links, without some kind of explanation can be pretty overwhelming when we’re talking about complex material. Last week, I learned about a new tool called Flowgram. It allowed me to give a tour of the sites, adding narration, and notes. Here is my flowgram:


I used a custom page and webpages. The application also allows the use of PowerPoint. Thinking about the possibilities….

Ideas for using this tool with students:


  • Find visual images that represent a concept or a story and explain the significance
  • “Virtual” presentations, when there is no time to have students use PowerPoint in class to make a presentation
  • Present sources that were used for research project and explain why the resource was considered valid and reliable
  • Digital story telling using images from Flickr, Library of Congress, or other source
Can you think of any others?




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