Looking at a Speech

…is quite different than hearing it. Speeches are really meant to be heard. The speakers mannerisms, voice, and body language is part of what helps the viewer understand the message. But what if, after the speeches have been heard, we could analyze their words in another way. Wordle is an application that counts the frequency of word used in text and presents the words in different sizes based on the frequency of use. Here is Barack Obama’s speech from the Convention. Looking at his speech this way, what evaluation can we do about his message? Comparing it to others’ speeches, can we more effectively compare the messages of each of the speakers?


Ideas for use in the classroom:

  • Find the text from famous speeches from the past and use Wordle to create a visual picture
  • Write an essay about yourself and worldle it – see if the images is a true reflection of you (great first week of school activity)
  • Summarize a story
  • Summarize an event
  • Describe a place

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