Teachers Who are Learners

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.  ~John Cotton Dana

Miss. H. and her new cartDo you work with anyone that really epitomizes a life-long learner? Here’s a picture of someone I know who inspires me! Miss H. is an awesome computer teacher. Here are a few reasons why she inspires me!

Miss H. learns something every day. She’s constantly experimenting with different applications, asking lots of questions, and problem solving.

She is always pouring over books web resources to find new activities and her students rarely learn using the last year’s lesson plans.

When I first met Miss H. a little over a year ago, she claimed to have no idea what was Web 2.0. Now she’s on twitter, following blogs (her favorite is Technology Lessons), contributes to a wiki, and is enthusiastic about using the Read/Write web with her students (monsterproject.wikispaces.com).

She loves to contribute to a collaborative learning environment in her school. She did an awesome job when asked to teach some workshops, she spent a great deal of time preparing for her workshops and even created a book of lesson ideas for her attendees. She turned out to be a great presenter and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

During MAP testing, there are no extra classrooms for her to use with her students, so she teaches in the hallway with laptops. Even though she hates that situation (for obvious reasons), around her students, she acts like teaching in the hallway with laptops is the greatest adventure ever! This semester she’ll at least be using brand new laptops!

Above all, her students are her greatest joy and concern. Absolutely every effort she makes is for the benefit of the children she touches.

Who inspires you?

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