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These past several weeks, I worked with an awesome group of young people from Lewis University. The class is called Technology for Teaching and Learning. Here’s the course description:

“This course is designed to help pre-service and/or practicing teachers learn practical, effective ways to integrate technology resources and technology based instructional methods into everyday classroom practices.  The course will explore theories of learning and how computer technology can be used to address the diverse learning styles present in today’s classrooms.”

As we explored the impact of Web2.0 technology, I assigned the students to create either a blog or a wiki. They were also assigned to create a post making some connection to what we discussed in class with regard to teaching theories. (It was only a four week class, otherwise I would have required more posts, but with the other required work – I felt that would have been unrealistic.) I hope that this exposure to using blogs and wikis inspires these students to use these kinds of collaborative tool with their own students once they get into the classroom.

The final project for the class was to design a project based unit plan. Along with their unit plan, they needed to select a set of web resources that would enhance the unit, or help the students research the information they needed to complete their projects. Overall, they did a great job of selecting websites and annotating them. You’ll find their list of resources on their blogs and wikis.

Stephanie’s Wiki

Laura’s Wiki

Katie’s Wiki

Anthony’s Wiki

Jaime’s Blog

Kelly’s Blog

Amanda’s Blog

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