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I am currently an instructional technology coordinator for a large elementary school district.  I have been in a similar position in public and Parochial schools for about 8 years. Previously, I was a classroom teacher for several years. I am extremely interested in finding ways that technology can be used as a tool for teaching and learning. More that a “geek”, I am a teacher, looking at every potential tool through a teacher’s eyes – “What will this program or application do to enhance the learning experience of students?” is the most important question.  This blog is one of several web sites that I created to support teacher that I know as they learn to integrate technology into the classroom. I also use posts to talk about tools that I’ve found that I feel have real potential with students, along with some specific suggestions on content area learning objectives. Once in while I talk about issues that are important to me, but I try to be as neutral as possible in my writing. There are some many more bloggers who are better than I when it comes to writing about their passion of educational technology.

I belong to a rich professional learning network (PLN) that I appreciate a great deal. If you want me information about developing a PLN, contact me anytime (edtech (dot) nnorris (at) gmail (dot) com)

Other facts about me: former classroom teacher, mother of three wonderful teenagers, wife a supportive and smart husband, owner of two of the coolest dogs ever!

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