Ready for an Amazing Week!

For those of you that are lucky enough to be able to go to Denver to attend to the ISTE 2010 Conference – Exploring Excellence, you know what a rich experience it will be. It’s awesome to be in an environment with so many enthusiastic, like-minded educators. The energy at the Denver Convention Center can’t be described!

Don’t despair if you aren’t in Denver this year. (Start planning on how you can make it to Philadelphia next year.) There are so many ways to attend the conference virtually, there’s no excuse for not taking advantage! Here are a few tips to help you out. It’s going to take some time and commitment, so settle in and make a plan.

Go through the conference planner and find sessions that you would have attended if you were here. Most session descriptions have links to the session resources, presentations, and contact info for the presenters. Download them all and put them in a folder. Spend some time learning from those resources. If you have any questions, make sure you email the presenter. They’ll be happy to help!

The ISTE Connects website will help you find video taped sessions, live blogging, twitter feeds, and other news and events about the conference.

Get the perspective of the attendees as they blog about the various sessions. Not only will you get links to presenter resources, but you’ll get the perspective of some really smart educators as they learn.

The ISTE Ning Network will also help you connect with others, and find lots of documentation from the conference.

Goodbye Flowgram

When I learned how to use Flowgram, I thought it was the best tool ever! Where else could you combine text, images, perhaps PowerPoint slides, websites, and recorded narration to create an online presetation that was interactive? I created a couple of Flowgrams and the one on Information Literacy had several hits and I promoted it with my staff and in presentations I made for ICE. I’m not really upset that all my hard work is going to waste (I could, afterall, download it as a video from the site just before it goes completely dead.) These kind of presentations need to updated anyway. I am, however, looking for the next cool tool! I don’t care if these new fangled Web2.0 tools either start charging or cease to exist. It’s all about transfer of knowledge. I’ll use what I learned when creating my Flowgrams to create an enhanced Podcase in GarageBand – which will not go away anytime soon.

So, if you see any nifty new thing that needs trying, give me a shout! I love trying new things. (Just make sure it’s free.)