Killer Presentation

When one tries to describe the current state of technology and it’s impact on education, it’s difficult to help people understand the magnitude of the effect. I’ve done a few presentations for small groups about Web 2.0. Reading educational blogs and belonging to a couple of social networks really helps me learn about the Read/Write web. It’s important to note however, that most of the people I know, my face-to-face friends don’t have any idea. They don’t use social bookmarking, the don’t read, much less write blogs, and their feeling about wikis are really negative as a result of their limited understanding of wikipedia. My presentations are pretty lame compared to one that I ran across today on a blog that I read on a regular basis. Lucy Gray does an amazing job in her presentation The Winds of Change – Emergent Technologies in Education. I’m sure she had a few videos embedded in the PowerPoint so I wish I would have seen it live. The message is really thorough. Here are a few of my favorite elements of Lucy’s presentation:

  • Today’s teen – born in 1990 (same year as my middle son), and the technology that has become important throughout his life; there’s something to think about.
  • Lots of statistics – not usually a big fan of numbers, but this message needs the numbers to back it up
  • The examples of blogs in chart form – really liked that all the blogs I read regularly are broken down in categories; teacher, student, professional development
  • Same with Wiki examples – (boy, someday I want to be a “heavy hitter” so my wiki would show up on a list somewhere)
  • List of cool web2.0 tools

Overall, I though Lucy’s presentation was probably really compelling. It was thorough and provided a great deal of information. I’ll bet her audience was really moved by her story. We all should be!

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